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我被开除了 I got the boot; I was canned; I got the ax; I was canceled; [例句]你还记得我曾和老板打过一架吗?最后结局是我被开除了。 Do you remember that I had a big fight with the boss? The net result is that I'm fired.

i get fired

开除 [kāi chú] expel ; discharge ; dismiss ; send down ; decapitate 双语例句 1. Any head teacher who made errors like this would be chucked out. 哪个校长只要犯了这样的错误都会被开除。 2. More than five-thousand secondary sc...

xxx was fired

公司开除员工 英文翻译 Company employees

我将会被开除 I'm going to be fired. 我将会被开除 I'm going to be fired.

you're fired! 读的时候由于连读的效果好象只读了you fired!

You have been fired

expel, fire , discharge expel e.g. She's gonna expel Two-thirds of the junior class.她会开除,三分之二的三年级学生 discharge e.g. discharge an employee 开除一名雇员 fire e.g. You're fired.你被解雇了。

fired dismiss


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